Navigating the Aisle

Shopping healthy on a shoestring budget isn’t as hard as you may think.

Does eating fat make you fat?

A common misconception in the ‘dieting’ world, is the idea of avoiding fat. Why? Well that’s because fat makes you fat right? Umm, no, not exactly.

Crustless Veggie Quiche

Why do I love quiche? Well, besides the fact that it is quick and easy it is to prepare, it is incredibly healthy and low in calories (if that does bother you). In addition, this quiche does not have a crust base and therefore if you are looking for a high protein, low carb option…

Rainy Day Flapjacks :)

These rainy day flapjacks are the perfect treat for a stay at home cosy morning. Yes, I know the idea is to make pancakes on rainy days – but I prefer smaller, bite sized servings of yum and these guys really tick all the right boxes. What makes these delicious treats even better, is the…